A trip

This time a trip can be a nightmare even in the day time.  But when you need something you have to make the trip and relax.  I needed some medical supplies, so a Super Walmart is cross the street, too far for me to walk, dangerous to at the crossing.  I drove up and after a lot of circles I was able to park next to the door leading into the area where I needed to go.  Lucky, some would call it.

Well I picked up my goods and checked out then drove back across the road to the area where I live.  When I checked my mail, I found a letter indicating my dental appointment on October 3, 2019, the letter was dated in November 2019, and my appointment is in January 2020.  I kept calling them but of course you can not get them on the phone.  I will ask them about it later, not worried about it yet,  I keep good records on stuff like that.

Rain is called for today with thunder storms.  Right now it looks like summer outside and feels like late spring or early fall.

A trip of craziness at the store.  I am home for a while now.

3 thoughts on “A trip

    1. I get out early AM and not often otherwise. I am looking for a winter here soon but I wonder if it will drop by. Stay safe and warm. Rest some. Thank you for comment and likes.

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