A failed memory

Life back 4+ billions of years BC, man was evolving into intellectual beings and fighting for survival in the unknown environment at the time.  I can’t remember that far back but I am sure that their life can relate to me.  I can’t imagine living in a cave, barely clad, eating who knows what for food, and all of which is a life without any knowledge at all.  Records indicate that the life style, learned or not, gradually progressed towards where we are today.  Each life cycle aggressed with more sustainable improvements in weapons for hunting, the use of fire, an ease in accomplishing tasks, and a better way of life.  Yes, at certain points in time, new cultures were born and did not understand the previous populations, therefore eradicating them from the earth.  One thing that these cultures failed in was the understanding and acceptance of those that they did not understand.  A problem of today also.

Ancient histories could well evolve into a solidarity of all peoples if it was studied for the ifs and ands and considered each as an individual and not a servant.  A failed memory of mankind.

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