My story and my time

Now I wonder how this shall or will go as I compose my thoughts toward a finished gathering of words.  Will the words convey my true meaning?  Now that is a good question and would deserve a thoughtful answer if I actually had one right now.  I am slow and a bit old in age, therefore, I am not communicative as I once was.  Over the many years now past, I have stressed to improve my skills to communicate better and with more meaning.  I have failed is so many ways, not for the lack of knowledge but the lack of ability.  I do have a speech problem of which I do hear myself to be good, but once the voice leaves the lips the words are distorted and chopped.  I have had it for years, and did not know how bad it was.  Yes I do remember many times I was asked to repeat something.  I did without remorse.  Since I have been working with my video cameras and recordings, I have so noted and have made much improvement in my speech.  Now writing as you can see above is not proper as thought in schools.  But, the subject remains as one and not many.

I worked many years where we used acronyms for words and we spoke in three letter codes.  Now that will shake a language up in a few seconds.  I, by way of doing what I am now, have came a long way in my writing and communication skills.  I have always heard that practice makes perfect, well I will never be perfect but I for sure try and be better in my life.  I encourage many people to get into something like this, but they are in to the texting thing, using codes to full fill their thoughts.  I would have to go, lol, to them and say IDK or IDC either what they are talking about.  I have been there and done that over the years with such things as: IMI, QRK, QRT, ZAG and so many more.

Each to their own, and this is my story and my time in life so let’s it be.

The rain came and now gone again

The rain came and did a great job for two days.  It finally cleared this morning and now the sun is shinning again.  It is not hot out but warm to a high cool.  I am sure more is on the way in a few days.  I kind of expect some snow around Christmas.  I am not a real fan of snow, but it is pretty if enough falls and covers the ground and last a couple of days.  I do not plan on driving on it or ice either.  I have done enough of that over the years and I feel I have had enough.  I will not get out on the ice and drive, snow maybe but not considering the possibility of doing it.

The rain came and now gone again for a short while.

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was to depressing and aggravating to me and today has turned into another life.  I have this friend that works in the office of the apartments and today she needed to go to the bank, and I took her up there then we had lunch together.  It is nothing between us except just friends.  It and the conversations we had made the day.  After yesterday of which I wrote about somethings that had happened, my day was shot.  I turned my phones on do not disturb and even if I did get one message and I did not answer it, my evening was quite and more restful.

What a difference a day makes.