Kind warmhearted

I consider myself a kind warmhearted person but do you know that is a headache from the head to the toe.  I believe life as it has been is about to change in a more responsible direction and with less consideration for the problems of others, kin or not.  I can not nor should I even consider the elaboration of the issues, but just let it go and go on with my life.  It is a sore, I shall put a band-aide over the wound and move forward into the next conflagration of life’s disadvantaged and turn my thoughts toward the self desires that I may at the time possess for myself.  I would think that my accomplishments should be for my splendor.  My abilities and desires are meaningful to me, and I assume not to others.  I will remain a kind warmhearted person but only in conversations not to gratify others while in the meantime I will do without.

A kind warmhearted person damaged for life.

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