Google vs Microsoft

I believe it was yesterday that for some reason Google brought me into their security system and said that I need to change 280 passwords, and was asking me about various apps and why do I need them.  Microsoft apps were one of the concerns.  I began to think about the issue.

  • The computer is mind not Googles
  • Microsoft has technology that Google does not
  • Google has technology that Microsoft does not
  • Sadly, both are needed to operate a computer
  • So why is Google telling me that I do not need Microsoft apps?

Google wants a password, an email or text for a code to enter in order to prove that entry is indeed me.  I do not have time for this mess all the time much less 280 times.  Many of the passwords or accounts are active or even in use today.

Security, however needed, is becoming a pain in the big toe.

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