A dark night, last

Last night as I watch Netflix and Hulu, I was confronted with a saga not asked for.  The home page from where I chose what to watch was clear and good,.  When I chose a movie and it came on screen, the screen was nothing but black.  I tried YouTube to see if worked and it did the same.  The network was on HDMI 1, I moved to HDMI 2 and was using my Fire from Amazon.  I had good coverage there.  It may be a setting or something as I did dose off some, lol.  I was for sure aggravated.  Soon after, I was in bed getting some good rest.  I guess I was tired of something, don’t know what.  It may have been trying to tell me something and that you may see the light here, but not elsewhere.  I really don’t know.

3 thoughts on “A dark night, last

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