A poet

  • A poet, I assure you I am not
  • An Artist, I can say I am not
  • A writer, I again believe I am not
  • One with an effort, I am what I am
  • Do I use words for profit
  • Maybe, I do not earn anything for my efforts
  • I do what I do for enjoyment
  • I communicate not to convince others
  • I am learning by the use of new words
  • A poet, I assure you I am not.

A dark night, last

Last night as I watch Netflix and Hulu, I was confronted with a saga not asked for.  The home page from where I chose what to watch was clear and good,.  When I chose a movie and it came on screen, the screen was nothing but black.  I tried YouTube to see if worked and it did the same.  The network was on HDMI 1, I moved to HDMI 2 and was using my Fire from Amazon.  I had good coverage there.  It may be a setting or something as I did dose off some, lol.  I was for sure aggravated.  Soon after, I was in bed getting some good rest.  I guess I was tired of something, don’t know what.  It may have been trying to tell me something and that you may see the light here, but not elsewhere.  I really don’t know.

Days of the past

When I woke today, I had an issue that was on my mind.  I had paid my rent on the apartment using bill pay from my bank, I knew better but I still was trying to use services that were provided.  I do not use paper checks, do not believe in them.  We had a holiday, so the delivery was moved around by the bank in the processing.  Well it was a sizable value and I know the three day rule of the apartments lease.  The check had cleared the bank but not delivered as of yesterday, today when the mail was delivered, my check was delivered and I was sitting in the office.  I was so relieved.

I had to purchase a new printer this morning, the old one for some reason had a failure code of 97 and I could not find the problem.  I got a cheap HP but full function, heck it even has its own email.  I guess I can go online 1000 miles away and go on line and print at home.  What is this world coming to, a machine with an email.

Now, as I do this, I have Elvis on YouTube doing his Gospel songs.  He for sure was good at that, of course I guess it did not pay as well as Rock n Roll.  I saw one of his concerts once in 1976 in Omaha, NE, the same year that I joined the Navy.

Days of the past…miss those days but life moves on for the good or bad.