The wind is heavy

Last night as I watched a college football game, I was falling asleep, I turned all off, went to bed, fell back asleep, sleep good all night and then as I awaken I realized something was wrong!  I checked the time as I realized that I had slept past my get up time before I take my drug store of medications and a shot of some value.  So I removed myself from the bed, dressed for the day, medicated and shot myself, ate something, and then became busy on some projects that I have.  The wind is heavy, the shine is bright, and the temperature is comfortable.  This is my day today, and I do accept it as I have went to the local apothecary that I use to refill a medication.  I came home with some No Shells Pistachios all roasted and salted.  Do I need them, no, but they are good for a snack.

The wind is heavy and blowing me into another story.

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