I know a God

I think back to the yesterday years and I recall many things, good and bad which affected my life growing up.  I am not sure if a retry or a retake of my life would teach me anything different, but I am sure it would not hurt.  Well, according to my schedule I am sure that I do not have time to change any thing.  Now if I was immortal maybe I would have a chance to return and defend my travels through life as we know it.

My mother told me once, maybe even more often, “I know a God”.  Today, after some studies I also know a God.  I, a while back had some teens of the upper age, drop by and wanted to talk to me about their God.  They came back many times and we talked and read.  Today, I listen more than read, but it is the same.  Their book was different than my book and they gave me a copy of theirs to read.  I have a long way to go but I am getting there one day at a time.  So I will say to and my mother did,

I know a God.

Ambitious, animated, never manipulated

As I sit at my desk, I am busy on something that is either easy or hard for me.  I, sometimes, do not know if I should give up (that is not me), jump up and down (this makes no sense, it you jump up then why jump down as you will fall down anyway), or be intellectually inclined and keep trying harder.  I have never felled at but one thing in my life and that was marriage.  I shall keep working on any manipulations that might bother me, become ambitious and win the battles ahead.  Oh, I for got animated: well I have not made the cartoons yet.

Move forward and conquer all in front of me, only then may I look back and say I did it on my own.

The wind is heavy

Last night as I watched a college football game, I was falling asleep, I turned all off, went to bed, fell back asleep, sleep good all night and then as I awaken I realized something was wrong!  I checked the time as I realized that I had slept past my get up time before I take my drug store of medications and a shot of some value.  So I removed myself from the bed, dressed for the day, medicated and shot myself, ate something, and then became busy on some projects that I have.  The wind is heavy, the shine is bright, and the temperature is comfortable.  This is my day today, and I do accept it as I have went to the local apothecary that I use to refill a medication.  I came home with some No Shells Pistachios all roasted and salted.  Do I need them, no, but they are good for a snack.

The wind is heavy and blowing me into another story.