What a day

As I returned to the living this morning at about 5:40 EST, I noted that the temperature was 35° F, they said that it was 4 degrees above yesterday.  I was a bit chilled but not “cold”.   I made a decision last evening that I would be here at home and out drinking coffee and etc.

I do not know when I might go back out to eat in the morning.  I have many reasons for saying that but it all boils down to the fact when I go I am a fly sitting on the wall.  I will save many miles and dollars by not going.  If I use today as an example, I can get a lot accomplished here at home, otherwise I would not attempt.

I just started and it is still work in progress, but I needed to start a new budget.  So not I have a beginning of one and with more research I will have it complete later today or tomorrow.  I think I have been nice for too long, it is not time to say no more often.

What a day this has been.


Calmness is within

The excitement has departed and a calmness is within my soul today.  Now one might say, what the heck am I talking about, and I would have to reply, I have no earthly idea. So I will change the subject for now and think of something different to run a mouth about.

It is cold to many this morning, I am one, but to others it is mild and it is all based on locations.  I have never made it to many places south of the equator, however, I did cross it one twice when I was in the Indian Ocean we went to the Seychelles and back.  We polliwogs were initiated into the community of Shell-backs.  Nasty but fun.

I often think about some of the good times, it helps to think that one has actually lived a life of satisfaction.  So today, so far, a Calmness is within.

A cold morning, cool-warm day

Today for some reason I having a very sleepy day.  I guess it could be worse, but things of other kinds are under control.  I did think about a nap, however, I also realize that the evening is just ahead and if I sleep now I will not later.  I am sure there is a reason for the tiredness.

For those that celebrate a Thanksgiving time this week, I wish you a fun and a very nice one.  As you may know we celebrate the last Thursday of November, then on the following Friday all the stores say they are having a sell.  I question the word sell as that indicates all items are cheaper.  It is called Black Friday for a reason.  I know that it indicates an accounting movement to a positive vice the negative.  

Well I will go and fight this sleep for a while and try to remain in a sanity environment.

Comfort arrives at the right time

In life many things tend to bother a person, probably even our four legged critters also. Sometimes with some ingenuity we can adjust to overcome a situation.

Tonight without any adverse reactions I did just that. I, without explanations, overcome my problem and feel so much better. So, lookout bed here I come.

A headache of events

I listen to garbage on TV, I listen to so many complaints, I listen to so many “I do not have…”, and sometimes I feel my head going around in nausea.  I will soon be normal again then I will reconfigure myself for excitement.

We went from summer nights to winter nights, now we are back to fall nights.  Weather, it is about as crazy as the world’s environment that I exist in.  Oh well, I guess one is better that some other situations.

A headache of events within a life.