What a day

As I returned to the living this morning at about 5:40 EST, I noted that the temperature was 35° F, they said that it was 4 degrees above yesterday.  I was a bit chilled but not “cold”.   I made a decision last evening that I would be here at home and out drinking coffee and etc.

I do not know when I might go back out to eat in the morning.  I have many reasons for saying that but it all boils down to the fact when I go I am a fly sitting on the wall.  I will save many miles and dollars by not going.  If I use today as an example, I can get a lot accomplished here at home, otherwise I would not attempt.

I just started and it is still work in progress, but I needed to start a new budget.  So not I have a beginning of one and with more research I will have it complete later today or tomorrow.  I think I have been nice for too long, it is not time to say no more often.

What a day this has been.

9 thoughts on “What a day

    1. When I was sane it was easy, when I was crazy it got out of hand, and now I am working on the sane to reassure my faith in myself. I am not crazy yet or insane but I do have kin folks (no additional comment there). Thank you for being so nice and encouraging when you respond. You are a sweet lady.

      1. Bless you for your kindness……….I hope your budget session goes well. I know it can be stressful at times…….we follow Dave Ramsey and it has changed our lives for the better.

      2. I use to watch him and listen to him on the radio. He is hard, I guess he knows how it works. I’ll make it all better soon. Great income and a few bad decisions can ruin a good thing, as you may know. Thank you.

      3. I get it! He is a little rough………lots of medical bills here……..
        I am so happy to read that you will be able to make things better soon! 🙂

      4. I am sure trying. I have been blessed since I retired from the military in 2007. I had a cancer, diabetes, swelling lower legs and so much more but my insurances have footed the cost all the way. I am blessed there. I still have all but the cancer I got it removed in 2009 clean since. I depress sometime but nothing serious. Life goes on and my God is great.

      5. So happy that you are cancer free what a HUGE blessing!
        Thank you for serving our country. I was blessed to work at a VA hospital until I began ill…….

      6. I go to a clinic here at home often, and dental also, I use the regular hospitals, Thank you for being good to vets. We appreciate it very much. Get better and stay blessed my friend.

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