Calmness is within

The excitement has departed and a calmness is within my soul today.  Now one might say, what the heck am I talking about, and I would have to reply, I have no earthly idea. So I will change the subject for now and think of something different to run a mouth about.

It is cold to many this morning, I am one, but to others it is mild and it is all based on locations.  I have never made it to many places south of the equator, however, I did cross it one twice when I was in the Indian Ocean we went to the Seychelles and back.  We polliwogs were initiated into the community of Shell-backs.  Nasty but fun.

I often think about some of the good times, it helps to think that one has actually lived a life of satisfaction.  So today, so far, a Calmness is within.

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