I did consider…but

I did consider doing this one in a boustrophedon way, but I am confused enough as it is so I will stick to trying to do it the right way.  Either would be a joke from me as I am not a seasoned writer.

I think tonight I will have some bratwurst, hot Italian style.  I do not think I have any sides for them, but I will figure something out.  Maybe creamed corn and butter beans.

Or maybe just another salad.  I feel like I have just cut the yard. lol

Again I do have both Chicken and Turkey pot pies, may even have a beef one to.

I did consider …but.

A few more words of ??

A few months ago I purchased a new meter and I found that the old meter was reading wrong many times and it was causing my way of life to be discouraging.  The new meter is right on and I hope it will be as good for a while.  I have no doctors for the rest of the year, they will start back during the first quarter of the year.  For most part I am sleeping so much better, feeling much better, and I guess more excited that I have been in a while.

In addition to the above I have adjusted my diet and that has been hard for a country person to adjust as I have.  I still have some work to do, like slowing the soft drinks diet, to drink more water,  and move around more doing something constructive.

As the title indicates I do not what to say until I say it.  A few more words of ?? is over for now and I am sure it will revive in the future.

What a day

As I returned to the living this morning at about 5:40 EST, I noted that the temperature was 35° F, they said that it was 4 degrees above yesterday.  I was a bit chilled but not “cold”.   I made a decision last evening that I would be here at home and out drinking coffee and etc.

I do not know when I might go back out to eat in the morning.  I have many reasons for saying that but it all boils down to the fact when I go I am a fly sitting on the wall.  I will save many miles and dollars by not going.  If I use today as an example, I can get a lot accomplished here at home, otherwise I would not attempt.

I just started and it is still work in progress, but I needed to start a new budget.  So not I have a beginning of one and with more research I will have it complete later today or tomorrow.  I think I have been nice for too long, it is not time to say no more often.

What a day this has been.

Calmness is within

The excitement has departed and a calmness is within my soul today.  Now one might say, what the heck am I talking about, and I would have to reply, I have no earthly idea. So I will change the subject for now and think of something different to run a mouth about.

It is cold to many this morning, I am one, but to others it is mild and it is all based on locations.  I have never made it to many places south of the equator, however, I did cross it one twice when I was in the Indian Ocean we went to the Seychelles and back.  We polliwogs were initiated into the community of Shell-backs.  Nasty but fun.

I often think about some of the good times, it helps to think that one has actually lived a life of satisfaction.  So today, so far, a Calmness is within.