Comfort arrives at the right time

In life many things tend to bother a person, probably even our four legged critters also. Sometimes with some ingenuity we can adjust to overcome a situation.

Tonight without any adverse reactions I did just that. I, without explanations, overcome my problem and feel so much better. So, lookout bed here I come.

A headache of events

I listen to garbage on TV, I listen to so many complaints, I listen to so many “I do not have…”, and sometimes I feel my head going around in nausea.  I will soon be normal again then I will reconfigure myself for excitement.

We went from summer nights to winter nights, now we are back to fall nights.  Weather, it is about as crazy as the world’s environment that I exist in.  Oh well, I guess one is better that some other situations.

A headache of events within a life.