Comfort arrives at the right time

In life many things tend to bother a person, probably even our four legged critters also. Sometimes with some ingenuity we can adjust to overcome a situation.

Tonight without any adverse reactions I did just that. I, without explanations, overcome my problem and feel so much better. So, lookout bed here I come.


A headache of events

I listen to garbage on TV, I listen to so many complaints, I listen to so many “I do not have…”, and sometimes I feel my head going around in nausea.  I will soon be normal again then I will reconfigure myself for excitement.

We went from summer nights to winter nights, now we are back to fall nights.  Weather, it is about as crazy as the world’s environment that I exist in.  Oh well, I guess one is better that some other situations.

A headache of events within a life.

A day ends

Early morning I had an appointment with my gastrointestinal doctor, a follow-up from two-months ago when I had to do labs for “Fatty Liver”.  He told me that it was good but because my results was in the low level I do have the problem.  He told me to return in two years for a follow-on.  He said as long as it stays as is I will have nothing to worry about.

It has been a long day as I was trying to make space on my computer, not that I need any, I have so much junk there and I have no idea what to do with it, I think tomorrow I will move it all to a disk or cloud.  Most of it is over 6 years old.

A day ends into the night, and my bed is making noises, I hope no one has invaded my room when I was not looking, I believe I am the only one here.

It came, it left

The rain came two nights ago or days I think, it left a vey cold 21°F for us to try and get use to, not, it is still cold out but not as bad, sun is shining like it was summer, and it is not.  The rain has stopped and I am sure it will again appear soon. I do expect that sometime beween now and Christmas we will have an invasion of either ice or snow.  I have learned a while back how to handle this type of weather and that is to stay in the comfort of the house.

It came, it left with a light of amazement.

Another what?

I signed on this morning for a simple task, and it was what am I going to do today?  The answer was as I considered to be simple and easy, then I saw where WP wants me to setup another domain.  I have so many now that I do not know what each is doing.  Google’s Bloggers, Typepad, and the few WP domains that I am using now are no where near as productive as this site has been and I have no plans to replace this one just yet.  My time card may be punched and I receive the pink slip before I decide to do that.  Billed yearly is difficult sometimes, one has to plan ahead for that shocker, but the fun that I have here with all these nice peoples from the world over speaks for itself.  So I say Another What? when I think of another domain to drive my pea brain into mulch.