It’s been a week

I am, herein, expressing my opinion from my own perspective of what I did last week .  It is simple but sad all the same.  I have since 2010 been going to breakfast at the Waffle House in my home town, mostly every day.  Now I have seen many come and many go from there.  Some that I use to talk to left for good, their time card was punched and their pink slip received saying their days on earth had come to an end.  I, on the other hand, have grown tired of the early rise in the morning just to go there and socialize with other old people that had to go to work, yet not able to, laugh, and pay a lot just to sit there and criticize each other just for the heck of it.

Well, last week I made the decision not to go all week.  I honored myself with that decision and this morning I went to see what I had been missing and enjoying for a week.  It did not take long for me to see what I had not missed.  luckily, one old friend did come in and we talked a bit, he as I, do not desire the attitudes of some, so we had a great conversation and he went to the gym and I came home.  I may go back on Monday just to say hello to a friend that works there and will be in at 5:45AM.  Then I think I most likely call it quits and cook at home much cheaper and to my taste.  No attitudes, and child play of 70 year old or older.

Last week I slept better, ate better, felt better, and just plain enjoyed myself as much as I could.  I am not at the age that I have to just do the best that I can and hope it goes well with the Boss upstairs.

It’s been a week for a decision, I have now made it.

The weather is it or is it not

The weather is about as fake as fake news.  I have been to three different locations to check the local weather and the temps are all different.  I will say that two locations said that it was above 50° so I can believe that it is.  One said it was 48° and maybe it was at one time.

All I can say is the weather is it or is it not.

It came and now gone

Yesterday’s holiday, Thanksgiving, has now turned into a dreamers event, “Black Friday”.  After, in a time of the past, having experienced one first hand, I care not to ever repeat such event again.  It is a zoo and a misconception all into one.  The prices are not much cheaper if at all.  Many times the prices are increased and then cut down to make it look like a bargain, now bargains are also out there but far apart.  One thing for sure the dollars are smoking when they get to the register for check out time.  So much for that I am not involved so why should I criticize someone else’s enjoyment.

I had a few issues with my Office 365 system yesterday, I call Microsoft and a girl in the Philippines helped me and we corrected most of the issues.  Then I noted additional issues and I was not able to work them out myself so I called again to Microsoft and talked to a guy in upper state New York.  Both technicians were professional and were ready to help, in fact the wait time to talk to one was short at least.  We got the issues taken care of and I am on my way again with so much knowledge that I cannot handle it all, I do not have enough memory in the files located in my head to put it all.  Any way, I am up and running again and moving on out to the good times.

It came and now gone, and now we await the big one, Christmas, then we will soon go out and drink the good times away with a New Year’s celebration.  Well, again I want because I no longer drink, I stay in at night, and I am in my own world as always.  It will come and go as do they all.

I did consider…but

I did consider doing this one in a boustrophedon way, but I am confused enough as it is so I will stick to trying to do it the right way.  Either would be a joke from me as I am not a seasoned writer.

I think tonight I will have some bratwurst, hot Italian style.  I do not think I have any sides for them, but I will figure something out.  Maybe creamed corn and butter beans.

Or maybe just another salad.  I feel like I have just cut the yard. lol

Again I do have both Chicken and Turkey pot pies, may even have a beef one to.

I did consider …but.

A few more words of ??

A few months ago I purchased a new meter and I found that the old meter was reading wrong many times and it was causing my way of life to be discouraging.  The new meter is right on and I hope it will be as good for a while.  I have no doctors for the rest of the year, they will start back during the first quarter of the year.  For most part I am sleeping so much better, feeling much better, and I guess more excited that I have been in a while.

In addition to the above I have adjusted my diet and that has been hard for a country person to adjust as I have.  I still have some work to do, like slowing the soft drinks diet, to drink more water,  and move around more doing something constructive.

As the title indicates I do not what to say until I say it.  A few more words of ?? is over for now and I am sure it will revive in the future.