A wet Wednesday 10.30.2019

It has decided to rain today and tomorrow for sure, it is pouring right now outside, well of course it is outside I do not live in a tree.  It began raining during the early morning and with a couple of events it has continued all morning.  I do not mind the rain as I do not go out into it unless I absolutely have to.

I relaxing today, one of my doctor appointments got changed yesterday afternoon to the 7th of November.  I do not mind as I still have one early on the 4th.  She, the doctor, is nice and fun to be around.  She also has many nice nurses that work with her.  That makes a difference, at least it does to me.

A wet Wednesday today.



A post to come

I have planned ahead and scheduled a post for tomorrow evening.  It is a yearly reminder for me of some good times and sad times.  A story of truth though short lived.  A generalization of things that could have been but were never.

Later today I may return with some of my remarks of today.

The day has begun to light

I was early to rise, sun still asleep, I wish I could have been, now the light of day has arose, a 40% chance of rain ahead today, temperature moderate at best, and the day has begun to light.

We now know the day, I wish I could describe myself in a similar manner.  I can’t, to broken to mend, lacking of proper knowledge to be descriptive.   I could be critical but that will now fit into my day completely.

A good morning to all and may good health bless you today, the day has begun to light.

A great day in life

I shall post this as “A great day in life”, Why, one might ask?  The sun is still out, no rain today, the weather indicates a 52°F outside.  I feel good right now, but subject to change.  I am also now visiting friends of the world of which I do appreciate.

The week is projected to be a good week, some history is also inclusive.  In America we have a celebration on the last evening of October in which many will dress in scary costumes and kids will do a “Trick or Treat” door to door and receive candies of all kind.  Over the years it has changed a lot because some would cause damage to kids so churches, and other organizations will have a supervised activities with the same results for the kids and all is safe.  I personally no longer celebrate the night. In 1970 I married my first and only wife, we were married for 7 years and two kids later.  She was a good lady and wife, I was overseas for most of it and we grew apart.  She still is a fantastic lady and wife, kinda like me not in the best of health.  The day celebrated is Halloween.

Friday is my payday also, so that is a good day for some. lol.

Next Monday, I have two doctor appointments.  I am happy they both are around the corner from each other so I did not have to reschedule:   Dermatology and Nephrology both are follow up visits.

So,  until the next visit it is “A great day in life”.

Sometime life is short

Sometime life is short but we keep on going.  We set goals, we amend them.  We move forward, we may look backwards at times just to remember where we came from or to see fun things that we have done in life.  We often forget, even if for a minute or two, that of which we enjoy, be it people, places, or things.  We motivate ourselves to do better and to keep moving forward even if we realize that sometime life is short, we make the best of slow or lacks times, the ups and downs, we shall not be beaten into surrender until the mighty time card has been punched and the pink slip comes in the mail saying that your time is up.

I make no promises, I think I am back, just needed a break and I have been remodeling my life as I know it in hopes to do better in the future.  Medically I believe I have found the glitch that I needed to show improvement, I have entered into that phase with ease in hopes that I do not make any mistakes and the outcome is much better.  It is hard to learn all over again what you have been use to for so many years in life.  WOW, what a trip.  We shall see how it goes and with my faith I think I may have it in hand.  We shall see.