Today, a great day to relax – I am

Today, a great day to relax – I am!  With lacking other things to do, I am doing just what I said, relaxing.  The TV is on standby, this computer is in use, another is off, and the laptop is on but also relaxing.  My three phones, who knows what they are into, nothing I hope.  FedEx just showed up but he is going elsewhere, not to my apartment today.  I have not ordered anything for delivery this week or last week, well I did order some groceries over the weekend and they came an hour later.

We have a family up stairs moving out, I think for most part they finished last evening.  They still have a few things up there or down stairs like bicycles and I am not sure what else.  I am really not worried about that, they lost their jobs, could not pay rent for two months, the judge gave them 7 days to be out, a church is helping them find a place and with some food items etc.  It is sad but life goes on.

They changed shower heads a few weeks ago, said that these have more pressure, I do not see much difference, I get wet and feel good afterwards.  That is what I want as long as it is safe I am good with it.

Today, a great day to relax – I am.


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