A Halloween to remember again

Tomorrow at ~12:30 EST of the year 1970 I married a nice lady. I believe we were happy and were looking forward to a long life together.  At the time, I was home via an emergency leave due to the loss of my dad and we were out driving around on day and decided to stop and get our required blood test.  Saturday came and we went to get our license to marry, the courthouse was about to close, but we talked them into issuing the license, then they referred us to a church close by.  The preacher was on the
way to a funeral but stopped by to marry us.  On Halloween no less one would think something was wrong with the idea, but we went forward with the ceremony anyway.
I had to return to Germany shortly afterwards. I was able to get her an ID card and added to my records for medical reasons should anything happen. I hoped she would come to Germany and be with me, but she did not at the time. Later, I was reassigned to Fort Gordon, Georgia, where I bought our first house.  And we, at the time, had one child.

Later I transferred to Korea for a year.  When I returned from Korea, I sold the house and we moved back to my hometown where I worked in a warehouse for a wire manufacturing company.  Eventually we moved to Texas, Houston area. I worked
as an Ice delivery, truck driver.  I enjoyed the job and area, her brother in law had a good size boat and we would go out into the bay shrimping and my sister in law would cook it when we returned.  We had a lot of fun there, but that was short lived. Long story and I shall not dwell into that part.

Later I moved to Nebraska where my mother was living, became a welder making seats for autos.  We joined forces again there and she became in the motherly way again and went back to Georgia and I eventually joined the Navy and out second child was born in July.  Now with two sons, I met my requirements and later the marriage ended.

We, today, get along well and of course we both are not in the best of health, but we keep on in life as we know it. I remain single, she remarried and gave birth to another son during her current marriage.

I do not, nor will I ever regret the marriage to her, she has always been a great person, I am not sure that I was the best choice at the time. I do know that for me to replace her in my life, I could not, so I have remained single.

I reflect on this each year because it was a special day, destined to ???? Who knows?

Sleep has been ordered

My sleep has been ordered, however, I am not sleepy yet.  I have a TV series on right now but I am bored with it.  I guess I could change the channel if I relocated to a different chair, and a different computer.  Too much work lol.

I will be in bed by 10:30 PM EST I am sure.  Normally I go between 9:30 and 10:30 PM each night.  Old age you know.

I am done for the night now I think.  I do have one to be sent out in about an hour from now.  It has been scheduled for a couple of days now.

Good night to all.

The night has came

Soon to bed, rain continues through tomorrow.  I acknowledge tomorrow as a special day in my life even if the end came years ago.

I find myself doing well these days, I hope that the wellness will continue.  I have the one doctor on Monday early morning, the other was moved to the 7th again at early morning.  It eased my rushing between the two on the same day a couple of hours apart.

At least it has not turned cold yet, maybe tonight but I have studied for that and I have a blanket ready to save me.

What will tomorrow hold for me?  A good question and I have varied answers and I am sure that none of them are applicable.

The night has came and the rain continues.

Today, a great day to relax – I am

Today, a great day to relax – I am!  With lacking other things to do, I am doing just what I said, relaxing.  The TV is on standby, this computer is in use, another is off, and the laptop is on but also relaxing.  My three phones, who knows what they are into, nothing I hope.  FedEx just showed up but he is going elsewhere, not to my apartment today.  I have not ordered anything for delivery this week or last week, well I did order some groceries over the weekend and they came an hour later.

We have a family up stairs moving out, I think for most part they finished last evening.  They still have a few things up there or down stairs like bicycles and I am not sure what else.  I am really not worried about that, they lost their jobs, could not pay rent for two months, the judge gave them 7 days to be out, a church is helping them find a place and with some food items etc.  It is sad but life goes on.

They changed shower heads a few weeks ago, said that these have more pressure, I do not see much difference, I get wet and feel good afterwards.  That is what I want as long as it is safe I am good with it.

Today, a great day to relax – I am.


A wet Wednesday 10.30.2019

It has decided to rain today and tomorrow for sure, it is pouring right now outside, well of course it is outside I do not live in a tree.  It began raining during the early morning and with a couple of events it has continued all morning.  I do not mind the rain as I do not go out into it unless I absolutely have to.

I relaxing today, one of my doctor appointments got changed yesterday afternoon to the 7th of November.  I do not mind as I still have one early on the 4th.  She, the doctor, is nice and fun to be around.  She also has many nice nurses that work with her.  That makes a difference, at least it does to me.

A wet Wednesday today.