A post to come

I have planned ahead and scheduled a post for tomorrow evening.  It is a yearly reminder for me of some good times and sad times.  A story of truth though short lived.  A generalization of things that could have been but were never.

Later today I may return with some of my remarks of today.


The day has begun to light

I was early to rise, sun still asleep, I wish I could have been, now the light of day has arose, a 40% chance of rain ahead today, temperature moderate at best, and the day has begun to light.

We now know the day, I wish I could describe myself in a similar manner.  I can’t, to broken to mend, lacking of proper knowledge to be descriptive.   I could be critical but that will now fit into my day completely.

A good morning to all and may good health bless you today, the day has begun to light.