A great day in life

I shall post this as “A great day in life”, Why, one might ask?  The sun is still out, no rain today, the weather indicates a 52°F outside.  I feel good right now, but subject to change.  I am also now visiting friends of the world of which I do appreciate.

The week is projected to be a good week, some history is also inclusive.  In America we have a celebration on the last evening of October in which many will dress in scary costumes and kids will do a “Trick or Treat” door to door and receive candies of all kind.  Over the years it has changed a lot because some would cause damage to kids so churches, and other organizations will have a supervised activities with the same results for the kids and all is safe.  I personally no longer celebrate the night. In 1970 I married my first and only wife, we were married for 7 years and two kids later.  She was a good lady and wife, I was overseas for most of it and we grew apart.  She still is a fantastic lady and wife, kinda like me not in the best of health.  The day celebrated is Halloween.

Friday is my payday also, so that is a good day for some. lol.

Next Monday, I have two doctor appointments.  I am happy they both are around the corner from each other so I did not have to reschedule:   Dermatology and Nephrology both are follow up visits.

So,  until the next visit it is “A great day in life”.

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