Sometime life is short

Sometime life is short but we keep on going.  We set goals, we amend them.  We move forward, we may look backwards at times just to remember where we came from or to see fun things that we have done in life.  We often forget, even if for a minute or two, that of which we enjoy, be it people, places, or things.  We motivate ourselves to do better and to keep moving forward even if we realize that sometime life is short, we make the best of slow or lacks times, the ups and downs, we shall not be beaten into surrender until the mighty time card has been punched and the pink slip comes in the mail saying that your time is up.

I make no promises, I think I am back, just needed a break and I have been remodeling my life as I know it in hopes to do better in the future.  Medically I believe I have found the glitch that I needed to show improvement, I have entered into that phase with ease in hopes that I do not make any mistakes and the outcome is much better.  It is hard to learn all over again what you have been use to for so many years in life.  WOW, what a trip.  We shall see how it goes and with my faith I think I may have it in hand.  We shall see.

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