Looking back in my history

As an individual of many peoples of the world, I think about when life was simple and not so complicated.  An individual is like a cell within so many, a lone star of an universe. I think of good health, fun times, bad or sad times, and so much joy of life.  I miss so many that made me laugh, smile, or even talk.  Life has gone on through so many disappointments and changes in life, but that is life.

I ask if I fulfilled my obligation to the world’s body, as I am only one cell of the many that makes up the great gift of life that we have been given.  I know that I have made mistakes along the journey, but I think that so many have also in one way or another.

I have gone from good health to trying health, I am doing better, but I have received word that a new bug has bit me of which I know nothing about.  Fatty Liver.  I understand that millions of people get this each year.  I will being going on Wednesday of next week to see my gastrointestinal doctor of which I have been seeing at various times for the past 10-11 years.  I am sad because in December I will no longer be seeing my Oncologist for the cancer that I had 10 years back.  I so do not want some bug to come into my life now.

I trust and have been LOOKING BACK IN MY HISTORY.

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