Thursday 9/12/2019

A good day for laundry again, heck it seems that it was just Monday yesterday.  I can remember the long days back when I was a little one, today(s) are much shorter.  It seems that you get up from sleep, eat, and it is time to sleep again.  Where do the days go so fast?  I probably do not want the answer to that as I am sure I will know soon enough.

Nothing really special going on today.  I am still waiting for the results of the ultrasound from last Thursday, not that I am worried of the results, but it would be nice to have an answer.

We had a bit of rain a few nights ago, thunder and lighting also, the first in a while and I am sure it will start soon and we will complain about too much rain.  Tears from heaven as I call it.

I read something this morning that our space peoples now have found water on some location in space.  Maybe we that are here one day will be packing our bags and moving up to the new world.  Nah, I doubt it.  I am sure it will be discussed if it is close enough to qualify moving within a lifetime.  Y’all have fun now you hear.

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