A story of mine

I hate it when my brain drops sync and I forget what I wanted to say. lol.

A while back I noted that my readings, when tested, were not logical, so I went out and purchased another meter, etc, at which time I double tested for a week to check the relationship of both meters.  I discontinued use of the older meter, a Contour Next One and I now use the ReliOn Premier Blu.  I went on a two times a day eating, fasting the rest of the time.  I, during this time, discontinued my insulin for period of two and a half, found that my body was in fact working to control my levels.  I must have eaten more or wrong and my numbers went up, so I started back with the insulin.  This was a test for my satisfaction, no doctors blessed me during this time frame.  Now I have adjusted my eating habits, my numbers are under 120 each mean, today I did go hypoglycemic at lunch but knowing the effects I reacted and recovered quickly.

I must say that during the two and a half weeks that I was off the insulin, I felt so much better.  I will discuss this with my doctor and with my record of these good numbers and all related stuff, maybe she will take me off that insulin.  I have read and listen to many reports that say fasting will in fact reset your body so that insulin will no longer be needed.  I do expect my A1C to drop below 6.0 soon.

I realize that this information is not of interest, but I just wanted to air it for my on purpose.

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