A new day, a new month, same year

How does the title relate to what I am about to say here?  In no way I am sure.  In fact I have no idea what I am about to say here right now, kinda rusty.

I have been missing in action for a while mainly because I had/have a lot of things on my mind, but I want bore you with the issues.  I have been trying to find out what I am about, how I might improve the way I feel, and with that I have concluded that I am better off not trying to change things because when I tried, I did feel better within, but I also did not see much difference in the results either way I was going.  Ok, someone might say what in the #$%! am I talking about.  As many know I use to eat, so I became a diabetic, now doing 24 pills a day plus 4 injections of insulin (two different kinds).  Not a real problem really.  I heard about and read about Fasting and the body would react to it by taking over and perform as it was designed to do, I tried it for a couple of weeks, but I stayed hungry, felt great, no pains to speak of, but the numbers never really fell into place to encourage me to continue doing it.  I gave a lot of food to my son and his family so I would not have to throw it all away.  Maybe I am a little depressed because of my failure, nah, I have to be thankful and move on in life.

I updated WP this morning with the new version.  It seems faster but I have not seen any difference yet, I will explore it later.

Happy September to all, TODAY IS MY EX-WIFE’S BIRTHDAY I so hope that she will recover from her illnesses as she did from her eye problem.  From her child hood she wore thick glasses, a few weeks ago she had surgery on her eyes and now she no longer has to wear glasses.  Amazing.

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