Looking back in my history

As an individual of many peoples of the world, I think about when life was simple and not so complicated.  An individual is like a cell within so many, a lone star of an universe. I think of good health, fun times, bad or sad times, and so much joy of life.  I miss so many that made me laugh, smile, or even talk.  Life has gone on through so many disappointments and changes in life, but that is life.

I ask if I fulfilled my obligation to the world’s body, as I am only one cell of the many that makes up the great gift of life that we have been given.  I know that I have made mistakes along the journey, but I think that so many have also in one way or another.

I have gone from good health to trying health, I am doing better, but I have received word that a new bug has bit me of which I know nothing about.  Fatty Liver.  I understand that millions of people get this each year.  I will being going on Wednesday of next week to see my gastrointestinal doctor of which I have been seeing at various times for the past 10-11 years.  I am sad because in December I will no longer be seeing my Oncologist for the cancer that I had 10 years back.  I so do not want some bug to come into my life now.

I trust and have been LOOKING BACK IN MY HISTORY.

Thursday 9/12/2019

A good day for laundry again, heck it seems that it was just Monday yesterday.  I can remember the long days back when I was a little one, today(s) are much shorter.  It seems that you get up from sleep, eat, and it is time to sleep again.  Where do the days go so fast?  I probably do not want the answer to that as I am sure I will know soon enough.

Nothing really special going on today.  I am still waiting for the results of the ultrasound from last Thursday, not that I am worried of the results, but it would be nice to have an answer.

We had a bit of rain a few nights ago, thunder and lighting also, the first in a while and I am sure it will start soon and we will complain about too much rain.  Tears from heaven as I call it.

I read something this morning that our space peoples now have found water on some location in space.  Maybe we that are here one day will be packing our bags and moving up to the new world.  Nah, I doubt it.  I am sure it will be discussed if it is close enough to qualify moving within a lifetime.  Y’all have fun now you hear.

A story of mine

I hate it when my brain drops sync and I forget what I wanted to say. lol.

A while back I noted that my readings, when tested, were not logical, so I went out and purchased another meter, etc, at which time I double tested for a week to check the relationship of both meters.  I discontinued use of the older meter, a Contour Next One and I now use the ReliOn Premier Blu.  I went on a two times a day eating, fasting the rest of the time.  I, during this time, discontinued my insulin for period of two and a half, found that my body was in fact working to control my levels.  I must have eaten more or wrong and my numbers went up, so I started back with the insulin.  This was a test for my satisfaction, no doctors blessed me during this time frame.  Now I have adjusted my eating habits, my numbers are under 120 each mean, today I did go hypoglycemic at lunch but knowing the effects I reacted and recovered quickly.

I must say that during the two and a half weeks that I was off the insulin, I felt so much better.  I will discuss this with my doctor and with my record of these good numbers and all related stuff, maybe she will take me off that insulin.  I have read and listen to many reports that say fasting will in fact reset your body so that insulin will no longer be needed.  I do expect my A1C to drop below 6.0 soon.

I realize that this information is not of interest, but I just wanted to air it for my on purpose.

Just incase

Just incase you have forgotten me, I am still here kicking the dirt around.  Being the normal radical that I strive to be sometime.  I did, however, take a long rest from thinking very much because I did not want to damage my physical computer located above my shoulders.

It has been very hot around here so I have remained inside so I would not succumb to the ills of old timer isms.  I guess I will end up paying for it when the power bill comes in a few weeks.

I will try and build a story of more intellectual content soon.  In the meantime and just incase, I am still here.

Today, Wednesday 9/4/19

Yesterday was a very painful day for some reason.  I am working on the solution as I write.  Today, a great day and even if it is young, all is looking good and I think I have a handle on it but I also know there are no guarantees.

I have an echo scan tomorrow.  The primary felt that I may have a problem, the lab test came back with good results, he also scheduled the scan for more information.  It will go good I feel.