Checking emails today

When I was checking my emails of many today, I ran across one wanting me to sign into my account with some bank in Chicago and I do not have any accounts in Chicago, so I called them and she checked and said that they have no record of me and it may have been a scam job.  I had already junked the email anyway.  Crazy world.  My point here is if does not look valid then check into it before you enter into it.  Safe is always better.


Sometimes I do

Sometimes I do just feel like I am a rugose individual, but again I know that I can not represent the full definition of the meaning.  Old, yes, rugose not.  I may be cumbersome, bulky or even difficult at times, but I do and will always be the same old me, kind at heart.  I dare not try to be who I am not, I do not fit.

The day is about to end

As the evening moves westward, the day precedes it by a few hours, the morning shall follow the movement of the evening only then the day will again return to my world.  My day, today, started with a visit to one of my doctors or in this case NP.  During the preliminaries  I received some very good information.  My A1C was 6.3.  She told me to return in six months and to keep on what I am doing.  My next visit is with the VA on August 8.


Taken August 5, 2019.

They came yesterday

A few days ago I ordered a couple of shirts and a pair of Army Airborne Boots.  The boots came yesterday and I will say this, and I do remember well, now I have many shoes of different flavors and boots, these Corcorans are so comfortable and pleasing to my old feet.  I can not believe the difference they make on me doing things.  Heck, I actually ran in the house something I can not do in the others.  I am glad I received them now, the only setback is the having to tie them.  Maybe I will feel better now.  The shirts I do not know when they will be coming.  They are in shipment but from the way, the email read they sent them by carrier pigeon.  I guess I will know soon.