Why do you blame

Why do you blame someone that was not even around for a mass shooting.  Blame the shooter, yes the only blame.  Do not blame the gun, it was loaded by a person, the trigger was pulled by a person, the same that held the gun during the shooting.  Does he/she have mental issues?  Is he/she a hater?  Has he/she showed any possible intent before the action?  It does not matter the answers if attention was not enough to stop the action before then it is a full crime.  It is sad either way and I, as so many others, pray that such waste of life and cruel events never happen again.

The day has come

Today, other than the email, is moving on good.  I received my shirts yesterday that I ordered last week.  Also, I received the field compass, actually received two, ordered one.  Maybe I want get lost in the apartment now. lol.  I really have nothing planned for today, I hope to see a person that owes me some money, but I will be shocked if I do.  I will plan on doing various things through out the day so updates will follow.

Checking emails today

When I was checking my emails of many today, I ran across one wanting me to sign into my account with some bank in Chicago and I do not have any accounts in Chicago, so I called them and she checked and said that they have no record of me and it may have been a scam job.  I had already junked the email anyway.  Crazy world.  My point here is if does not look valid then check into it before you enter into it.  Safe is always better.