5G is or isn’t it

I was listening so a news channel earlier before I lost a couple of hours somewhere.  They were talking about the 5G event being medically unsafe.  A lot of people were making presentations about it causing cancer, diabetes, and many other issues.  They even talked about, currently out cells are running 24 hours a day as are many other electronic devices so a body is being attacked all hours of the day.  The 5G point was that the arrays will destroy plants, birds, trees, and then people.  Privacy will not exist at all.  We do not have privacy now, the Government monitors and records every email, phone call, and text now.  5G is or isn’t it harmful?

A long polysyllable

A long polysyllable word, AKA medical or medicines terms are hard to pronounce, at least for me.  Arduous for the untalented to even know the meaning for such word.  They could also be referred to as a sesquipedalian.  Sesquipedalian also can refer to something which is 18″ long but not in the reference to a word or a wordy statement.

Today’s sun is East of here

It is early in the morning around 5:30 AM, and yes I am up already.  The sun is East of here and should be in the neighborhood within two hours.  The dark is moving on westward toward the Pacific.

My routines is about to start, so this is a Good Morning notice to all and to all a Great Day.

We had a shower of rain yesterday afternoon with a little thunder, it lasted off and on a couple of hours.  I listened to our President last evening, as expected.  Let us move forward to the good.