Tomorrow will be my day

Tomorrow will be my day to complete a life change.  I think I have the direction now because I used it today and much has happened to the Good.  I am moving into a new direction.

Routines continue

Today has been a routine continuation day.  The shooter and lazy.  It is about to end for the day anyway so I rejoice.

I have given a lot of thought today about what some doctors and nutritionist have told me and I will move forward with the advice.  I am tired of hurting and feeling bad all the time so I will make the following decision:  TODAY ENDS THE MORNING ROUTINE OF GOING TO EAT AT THE WAFFLE HOUSE.  I WILL SAVE MONEY AND FEEL BETTER IN THE LONG RUN.   Routines continue for today.

We study much

As a people we study so much that can harm us, then we build so much that can harm us or remove life from us, short-lived or forever.  We trust those that govern us, and they are not of our thoughts as we have given them their jobs.  We study much, good and bad, that we can admire or regret later in life.  We hold the power to make life better.  We study much.