The rain is resting

While the rain is taking a rest, I feel the results.  It is muggy now.  I am sure it will be back soon but it is a while before I go to bed.  The rain is resting.

The shooter

I moved from YouTube to the series “Shooter”.  I have been watching series each day for a while and they keep running out so I was down to this one again.  I do like it but I also know that it is not realistic.  The rain is still falling but lite.

That pizza sure was good and I know that I ate too much but I will fix that shortly.  It was good.  I would describe it but spelling will not let me do that.

Wow What a change

I ordered a pizza, of course, I do not need it, and I ate the whole thing.  guess I was hungry.  While I was eating I watched a show about the 5G concept.  I do not know about it.  Looking out of the window and it is almost dark out there,  it is not night time yet.  Looks like a lot of rain dropping upon us.  Wow, what a change in the weather.