The sun has dimmed

When the sun dims it could indicate a cloud overhead an/or possibility of rain.  At this time of my wonderful day, I would enjoy seeing that happen.  Of course, I also would understand that the repairman most likely will not come as he has promised.

I have done a number of things today but nothing of any completeness.  The sun has just again become lighten, now it is half-lit.  I am about to move my car to the garage until tomorrow morning.

For a Friday afternoon, it is a nice day.

Today has been on track

A follow-up on today:  The day has been on track as I planned last evening.  A few minor setbacks but they have been overcome.

I am sick of the news that I have been listening to.  So it will soon be turned off and something else will replace it.

The repairman should be here soon, but I have no rush on that.

Today has been on track.