Oh sleep where are you

As the dark of the night rolls into a new day, I ask where is my sleep? Another pill might help but i try to be content with one 10 mg melatomin.

I will move forward and life will award accordingly.

Plans for tomorrow

I look in the night and ask what I will do for tomorrow?  So far I see going to eat in the early morning, home by 8am, on here by 8:30am, and I will be working in various areas.  I will have to wait for the complex maintenance person to come by and check on a couple of problems that I submitted to them today.

I may do some shopping if I get aggressive.  I will, of course, be on here for a few posts.  I will work on restoring my plan back to its state.

I have resolved

I do overreact sometimes, not saying that I did, but looking back it does seem that I may have.

The new change came in about the time I was making some changes and it all fell to pieces.  I tried the help chat and was unable to contact them, then we were not making good communications due to some other problem.

Today has been a good day for me and I have accomplished a lot even with some setback.  Tomorrow will not be a fantastic day, ostentatious in fact.

So delated

I look at my phone and wow, I actually sent something, my computer is less smart than my smart phone so it says i sent nothing. I know that nothing is broken well except for me but that is well known already. Fake jetpack i guess. I know many like me so it is ok if my computer hates me today. Maybe the net is tied up with too many users. Just a comment from the peanut gallery.