To the garages

Earlier I moved my vehicles to their respective homes in the garages.  Each vehicle has its own privacy and security.  I do not know why I decided to move them to their home but I did, I think it was something to do with parking around here.  Yes, I am paying more for this right and I appreciate the fact that I have two side by side.  I think they are cooler in there but should it rain I will get wet if I have to go get one of them for a travel event.

Life in the apartments.

As slow as it may be

As slow as it may be to get to the write page here, it is still a platform that I enjoy.  I do not understand why it is so slow, the rest of the computer is so fast.  Oh well, I will not try and fix it by thinking about it.  As slow as I may be, I will move on.

The weather has become an interest in various venues in life.  I am not a winter person, but I can tolerate most of it.  Also, as an elder in life, I also find the summer a challenge for me.  I find more buts flying around in the summer than any other season, I hate bugs that will get around you and just look at you, then land on you.  Yes, they have bug-repelling spray or rub on protection.  Some bugs do not care about a spray or rub-on, so they will attack and aggravate anyway.

I watched an interview with two CEOs that are making satellites to refuel and make water for other satellites and the space station.  I do not see many charging stations for these electric cars, I would not have one.

As slow as it may be, still so much information flows.