WOW, I got loss here

For some reason, I just got lost here and of course, the computer is acting slow today and I went blank.  I may have cooked the pea brains too long.  Anyway, if you received some trash other than these blogs, please disregard.

It has been so hot, I am not sure that my AC is putting out cold air.   It does draw the temp down to equal the setting.  I guess it is ok, other than this issue it has performed well this year as compared to the last few years.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2019

After a weekend of body aggravations I can say today, so far, has been a fantastic day.  I am working on keeping it that way.  I have done nothing really to cause a good feeling but I am trying to follow the rules and see what might happen.

The long weekend came and is now gone until another year ahead.  CDC had a survey about being healthy, I completed it and it aged me at 80, I am not yet.  It showed nothing new except that I am not very active, and I am not and I know that.  I do not like pains of any kind.  I have no tattoos, therefore, I have never had that pain.  Oh well, live will hopefully go on a bit longer.

It is Tuesday, July 8, 2019.