The day after

I have noted that the day after a holiday is hard to get in touch with your routines.  I use “your” in a singular manner.  It is in reference to me, myself and I.  I did go to the Burger King and bought a whopper w/cheese bundle.  I know that I did not need it but I wanted something different than what I have been eating.  It was good.

I have been looking at some different software of which I really do not need.  I did download them for the free period then I will delete at no cost.

It is the day after a holiday and my mind is blank.


The personality of a

The personality of an inkspot:  What is an inkspot as we refer to it?  Is it a drop of ink, a smear, or anything of ink?

For me to answer the questions listed, I will need to understand an inkspot.  When writing with ink I find many times that the ink may smear causing an unsightly appearance on the paper.  I also at times find that a pen in the shirt pocket will bleed through the pocket because the pen had been pressed down exposing the ball to the material and the result would be an inkspot.  So by evaluations of experiences, the inkspot can be considered a sloppy personality.

My presentation in review

I am considering a change in my presentations, the look, functionalities, and maybe even the content.  Should I alter my production, it is an attempt to improve my presentations and to maybe draw more readers.  I hope to have a decision within the next few weeks.  At the moment I am not sure if I will be using a WP format or one of my own.  My presentation is in review.