I just realized

I just realized that sitting here and doing this is fun.  I just need to get some of the trash out of my head and then I can do this much better.  It is good trash but it is blocking my process.


You can see the issue that I face, so many clouds and foggy things distorting my brain.  I need my friends to drop by and we go out into space and travel around.  I understand that they are involved in some kind of training mission right now.

Looking back I wish

When I sit around doing whatever, I often wish that I had did many things differently.  I do not consider that I have not learned my way over the years, but I see so much out there that I wish I could be a part of it and build knowledge for my satisfaction.  I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way, but for me, I want to be involved.  Why are China and other countries so much smarter than we are?  Should out school systems consider school curriculums that combine knowledge of many areas instead of social issues?  Maybe the next life I can look back and recall my shortcomings of this life and divest more in a better understanding of my abilities.

I discovered

Today while I was on YouTube, a new, new to me, a site called “Webflow.com”.  It looks like it could be an easier way to build a web page should you need one.  Of course, it starts out free then will want a subscription to do more with it.  I signed into it just to see what it was about, I have no use for it, but it is out there for others to investigate.


Happy Birthday America

Attitudes, criticisms, opinions, and trespasses into the lives of others are becoming a way of life for so many.

Why do we tolerate such reactions of others?  It is much because of the views of others, or Article 1 of our constitution, “Freedom of Speech”.  Many say that it is ok for them to do it but not for others with oppositional views.  But again what can we expect as the election of 2020 is in its infancy.  I no longer opine because what is today, will be a continuation until it is over.