Waiting for a delivery

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I am waiting for some items from Amazon today.  I received my Microscope yesterday which was due to be delivered today also.  I order from them a lot because they are most of the time right on time.  I order home delivery of groceries from another source here and I normally get them within two hours.  No lines and no hassle.  Walmart has gone mostly scanners for check out, I think because they were robbed a few times by people in groups.



What does a good day look like

A good day to me is to have all go right and I can get plenty of rest once in bed.  I know I do not have that ability each day.  I may be perceived to be a whiny kind of person but in real life, I am not.  If I was perfect then life would have many obstacles to settle.  A good day is a life as it is, you wake up and go about your routines each day and do it again the next day and the next.