The day has ended

The birds are quiet, the sun is in the westward direction, and I am about to lie on my bed and wait for a starship to come and take me on a journey.

Today has been good for me.  A lot got done today, so I will hopefully rest good tonight.

The day has ended.

A thought of travel

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I am not sure if I will be going to Florida but I am really thinking about westward toward the Grand Canyon the back in a different way.  I use to drive that land when I was in my truck but it is hard to stop an 18 wheeler just to look around.

I will be making a decision soon.  Enjoy and smile at someone even if it is kin folks..

It is a good day

Father’s day was OK to my standards, I am without my father today, but I did communicate with my son and all is good.  It has been a zoo around me these days with projects and other activities, I think I am now ahead of them so I am here pestering you out in cyberland.  It is blistering hot out for me to even go out there.  I stay inside and a little cool.  Someone said the rain was for the week but I think they were talking about MARS and not here.

I did wake this morning and followed my routines, so by all accounts it is a good day.