A lady, a cat and an unwanted guest

I was at the office of the apartments this morning and a lady came in to talk with one of the agents.  She displayed a sandwich bag to the agent from which a response was a WOW!  In the bag was a baby snake in two pieces.  Half was found in the living room and the other half in a bedroom.  It was a King Snake which would eat a poisonous snake, however, a snake is a snake.   The cat must have found it first and divided it.  Lol, yesterday I commented about killing a spider.  The summer is almost here and it is that time of the year.

2 thoughts on “A lady, a cat and an unwanted guest

  1. We have most of the world’s listed poisonous snakes down here (always need to be careful in summer in the bush) but we love non-poisonous snakes, here, mostly pythons. My wife won’t let me keep one 🙁

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