The weekend is

It has been interesting, to say the least.  I realized today that the weekend is about gone.  It is good with me, as I do every day the same off.  I visited FB a few minutes ago and I found a broadcast that I had sent there last night at bedtime when I was goofing around and the audio was messed up.  I actually received three comments.  I tried again this morning and the voice had a delay and I did not know how it was going across.  Now I know, yucky.

It is a short week ahead due to Independence Day.  Many will have a long weekend next weekend.  Some will have to work so their employers can make some money.  I will be here doing what I do and I hope that I will be much more productive than I have in the past few days.

The weekend is what you can make of it, enjoy it, be safe, and be careful.

Trying something new

This that I am about to say, may or may not, equate to the many out in cyberspace.  I am in the process of trying various Affiliate marketing programs.  I see no cost to associate with businesses as an associate or affiliate.  I am trying it via other domains first and then maybe I will bring some over to this domain.

This is the current project that I am working on right now.

Another weekend ends

The shall end in two and a half hours, it has been a good weekend, health was trying me but I think I have made it for a few more events.  I have two doctors this week, one for the eyes (maybe a shot), the other for the kidneys check up.  I have tomorrow the second of two for pneumonia then I will be vaccinated up to date.

Another weekend ends soon and a new week will begin.


Good things will come to an end

Early to bed, early to rise, I am sure that my body knows that it should not be up at this time of the morning, and well maybe not. I have labs at 8am today, so that means, don’t eat. I have heard that sleep and rest are good things, I do hope it is not true that good things will come to an end. I will trust in nature for the wisdom to do the right thing and I will survive accordingly.

Good things will come to an end.