My day has about

As I sat in my recliner watching some tube, I had this light come into my eyes.  It was telling me that my day has about come to an end.  And sure enough, it has, my bed just called me and said it is about time.  I ate a few items of food just to ensure that my levels would remain within range.  As tomorrow goes I do not know of anything that will occupy my time unless it is some issues of pain.

My day has about come to an end.

A funny old thing

Like a crazy old man, I slept well last night, up this morning and was late getting off to the people doing the mad dash to work.  I went to eat at the old person’s meeting place, AKA, the Waffle House.  I keep thinking today is Monday, well I guess in a way it is for some but for many, it is just another day to enjoy life.  It is nice out today and believe it or not the rain must have dried up.  I am sure it will not be long till we will again receive some rain and whatever else the owner of the earth so offers.  I just hope we do not see another 40 days and 40-night deal nor fire and brimstone deal either.  I guess the owner can do as he or she desires.  A funny old thing.