The time has arrived and for some reason, someone is shooting fireworks or a shotgun.  But if the law does not care I do not.

I am about to climb into bed and I hope to follow the last few nights and get some good sleep.  I know I can fall to sleep in the chair but I would like to in the bed for a while.  I have turned the cold lower, maybe it will snow inside the house tonight.  If does I will post a photo.

Now is the time.

The dark is slowly moving

I have been watching HULU which is not one of my favorite channels but I do enjoy many of the shows presented by them.  The days are longer now so the dark is slower to move in.  Kids are out of school and enjoying the pool and their bicycles.  I remember those days of the years past.  But I was riding a bicycle for a different reason as I was self-employed with multiple paper routes.  That can’t be done any longer because the laws have added so many controls on kids and their idle times.  So they:  game, text, and who knows what else.  The dark will be here soon and of course, it will be a time for bed.

Today it came

I ordered a m.2 500gb USB3 SSD card and holder.  It came today, Amazon brought it and I opened the package and assembled the USB unit.  I was able to program it as a storage unit.  It is so fast and is working with the SSD hard drive and it is working at supersonic speeds now.  I have two Seagate external drives on with 1TB and the other with 4TB and they are slow in comparison.

I still have one more package coming which should be here tonight or tomorrow.

A Monday, today we say

Today we say it is a Monday, some say that it is their Friday because they receive two days off following today.  I will settle for “It is a Monday”, because I guess it has always been that way to me.  It looks to be nice out, it is warm with a low to lite breeze.  I guess the pool will be full of all of the Mr and Miss Worlds today and the rest of the week.  I will continue to hibernate in my little castle.