What is in a day

On a day like today, a lot of heat, sunshine, and calmness.  The ACs are running around like crazy, I can recall years past when if you said AC we would not know what you are talking about.  Of course then also we had no indoor pluming either.  We carried water from the well, had an outhouse with a catalog, and windows with screens.  Oh yes we did have some fans, some by hand and a few by electricity.  The poor dogs or cats had fleas and a hold in the screens the mosquito was bound to find it and then us at night.

What is in a day as I recall from the past.

5 thoughts on “What is in a day

      1. Yes, we get your birds for a short time, some make it even west where I am in a unique wetlands area. Wonderful to share them.

      2. I will, I try to get out to the wetlands a few times a week, the bird population is already changing.

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