I made a mistake.

I made a mistake it is 1100 connections not 2000. I made the 1100.

The end of the month

The end of the month will soon be about us, major payments to be disbursed in so many directions.  I today viewed my abilities and I found that I was able to go ahead and pungle my disbursements to each of the major accounts.  I am now ahead of the curve as some would say.  My plan was delayed but now on track.

The talk of

We talk of China and tariffs, bad business practices, but yet we say they are friends.  I, personally, have no friends that I hate, nor do I have friends that I criticise to a point of becoming a hate issue.  Then we have Iran, a bad governmental outlook on other Peoples of the world.  The people who I have met and associated with from over there are like us and want to have a freedom to be a value to their country and the world.  They have their beliefs as we do and they have that right to enjoy their beliefs.  Yes, I was over in the Gulf in 1979 when the hostage issue came about.  It was sad, but very real, then it grew from their into battles.  My question is why can’t the countries in that area take care of the problem and not involve my country in the turmoil.

Today as another

Today, I am one person short of 2000 connections on LinkedIn.  It is a milestone that I did not expect to ever reach and it has been an interesting travel into the world of business.  I expect by tomorrow or later today I will have reached the 2000 mark.

Today as another I have a 3:30 PM appointment at a doctor’s office.  It is a follow-up to the procedure that I experienced last month.  Why now? I do not know.  I will go and see what they want and then come back home and get caught  up on my routines.