Lime water

I have a cold lime water in a 12 oz can waiting for my taste. Now I should say that they are not taste at all. I should have ordered lemon water or some berry water. But I have to consider what is in it. Lime water, tasty it is not.

I am not sure

I am not sure if I have improved in my writing over the past year but I do get a lot of responses from so many different people.  Thank each of you nice people, you are so encouraging and I for one do appreciate it.  I also get many good comments from the grammar of my content.  I know my subject matter many times is myself and as boring as that has to be many do respond to it.  Again I am not sure if am doing anything right or interesting but I do enjoy this, even on my lazy days.  🙂 for my effort.


So much is said about the good years of retirement.  Maybe I had my good years before I retired.  All I see is that I can have pains, feel bad, and not have to go to work each day and yet live with an income and medical care because I had planned ahead when I was younger.  Many talk about a lot of travel and so forth, but I see a schedule of pills and other medications that require management in order to use.  I guess for most part one should just be happy to be here on earth after the age of 72 as I do.