Sometimes it works

A mother with kids will deploy certain efforts to cause the kids to mind or to do their chores.  One such technique is to use stratagem so they will act as directed.  Homework is a good example of a task that needs to be completed.

As a parent, one that does not know will soon learn that to be a good parent you have to learn many different things in order to succeed in the new life.  As the kids learn and they will use many stratagems to persuade the mother or father that their way is the best for them.

I saw a light

I a. Laying back in the recliner and happened to look across the room’s overhead and I saw a light. I know that none of my equipment puts a light up there above the door. I stopped to recall what it might be. Then I was stocked with an idea of brilliancy, it is the fire or smoke alarm system.

A star it’s not, just the alarm that goes off when I boil water.

To stay or go

Normally during the morning hours I go to eat and joke around with some old drivers. I have been thinking about pretending that I do not feel up to it, usually I really do not, and stay at home. I have coffee here, toast and other items that I eat there for a much higher cost. I may not go today. I most likely will not be missed anyway.

So I must decide to stay or go.