Happiness is

Happiness is when you wake up after a good nights sleep and you may start off slow but then you are feeling so good that you just want to have fun.

Happiness is when you hear the birds sing and you then notice the sunlight and all of me nature’s love outside.

Happiness is when you are nice to someone and they say thank you.

Happiness is when you can go through a day with a smile and no one can bring you down from the high that you have because you are so happy.

Happiness is what you make of your day.

I feel a good day ahead

It is Tuesday and I feel a good day ahead.  I had a great sleep last night and was up at 04:30AM going slow but going and it has gotten better, lol.  The weather is nice so far today but I understand that rain is predicted for the next few days.  It will not bother me if it rains each day.  I will get along doing what it is that I do and when I do it.  I have been doing some updating on my VA pages, I like to keep all up to date so they will not start being silly and ask for so much later.  For some reason, my typing here on WP the typing is delayed and falls to the paper all at once.