I have decided to drink a lot more water today and see what it might do for me.  I was told that I have a number of medications doing a duplicate job.  I do not need a duplication in my medications as I have on my list now 24 different ones..

Felt good today

Today I have felt good and been a little bit active.  I hope it will soon become regular.  I did have a problem with my chair because it hurts my lower back.  The nurse did up one of my insulins from 52 units to 56 units.  Maybe it will work better.

Today was very nice

Today went smooth and I did not eat until late,  I had some friendly conversations with people that I normally sit with.  Someone else was in our chairs so I sat at the high bar and waited for the rest.  They came in about the same time and noticed it was cold inside so we had the temperature raised to a reasonable level.  One of the guys had to go and do a re-op for a procedure on Wednesday.  I had to go to the diabetes office for a visit.  Then I went to the Veteran Clinic and had another lab done.

My diabetes practitioner asked if I wanted to come back in six or three months.  I left it up to her this time.  Maybe the next time I will extend it out if she wants.