Mother’s day

Even though my mother is no longer here to enjoy, I will buy her some flowers and a place where she is located.  Mother’s day is not a holiday but a celebrated day to honor our mothers  It will be observed this coming Sunday.

Today was very nice

Today went smooth and I did not eat until late,  I had some friendly conversations with people that I normally sit with.  Someone else was in our chairs so I sat at the high bar and waited for the rest.  They came in about the same time and noticed it was cold inside so we had the temperature raised to a reasonable level.  One of the guys had to go and do a re-op for a procedure on Wednesday.  I had to go to the diabetes office for a visit.  Then I went to the Veteran Clinic and had another lab done.

My diabetes practitioner asked if I wanted to come back in six or three months.  I left it up to her this time.  Maybe the next time I will extend it out if she wants.