It is finally Friday

A song exists about It is Finally Friday.  I just heard it, well parts of it.  A little fun song.  Today I cannot complain it is also a payday.  I like paydays.

I have noticed the STATs and I ask myself with one visitor, two countries and two views how is that figured?  I guess I will have to go to Jetpack and figure it out.  I read the numbers but again I have many questions about how it works but it is interesting at times.

I should stick to rockets, I understand them.  It is Friday, so enjoy the weekend.

Amazing it is

My peripheral edema has been bothering me acutely the past few days, at night and day.  This morning I went on the internet and looked it up.  I needed relief.  Well, I am not one that knows medical interventions even if I am taking some 24 medications daily.  I am, my perception, educated enough to read and understand many different words.  One thing that was said to do I have done before and found relief.  It is so simple.  To wear the tight fitting nylon compression socks.  I walked into the other room and located my socks and changed into a pair of the good socks that I have and immediately noted a relief.  It is not all gone yet but it is so much better now and is getting so as time goes on.  Amazing it is a simple fix means so much.


I have not heard of any rain in sight for us around here.  I know the Midwest is having a lot of storms and floods.  I called my sisters yesterday to make sure that they are OK.  They are located in Oklahoma close to the floods and she told me that all is well for now.

Good news.

Restful night

This may be a bad comment to make at this time but let me say that I have for the last few nights I have had a very restful night and I do hope it will come more often.  Normally when you find something beneficial that works it will drop off once it is aired to others.  I trust it will keep on for a while.  I lower the AC to keep cool and that has a lot of what is going on with me.